In Language Arts, we read a book called The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton. We had to choose a character and a characteristic that we related to. After studying the character, we wrote five paragraphs. In each paragraph we put a quote from the book that explained what we wrote. I think that I explained every statement I made really well. It was hard to explain each and every quote because I thought that sometimes they were pretty self explanatory, but in the end, I realized that it wasn’t as self explanatory as I thought. As I wrote, I began to understand my ideas better, and it taught me to fight for what I believe in.

                 Toughness is when someone speaks up even if no one else will agree. A tough person will never let a person get in his or her face or hurt them. A tough person fights back. A tough person will stand up when something isn’t right. People who are tough work for what they want. Tough people are people like soldiers, policemen, firemen, people who’ve been through a lot, and people who make a difference in society for the better. Dally is tough in the book The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton.Ponyboy thinks that Dally is tough. Ponyboy observes… “In his hard face there was character, pride, and a savage defiance of the world.” (pg. 59) This shows that he is never afraid to show his toughness. Dally’s not afraid to stand up and share what he believes to get what he wants. He is tough when he helps Ponyboy and Johnny out of the murder problem. It shows that he doesn’t cry. He’s a fighter.

Also, Dally is tough because he doesn’t have a supportive family. He tells Johnny, “Shoot, my old man don’t give a hang whether I’m in jail or dead in a car wreck or drunk in the gutter. That don’t bother me none.” (pg. 88) It shows that he’s been through the same life as Johnny but handles it well. Ponyboy observes, “Dally could take it. Dally was of the breed who could take anything, because he was hard and tough.” (pg. 88) This shows that his friends and gang members recognize his tough attitude. Finally, Dally is tough when he wants out of the hospital; he wants to get out so badly that he has Two-Bit give him his knife so that he can get out of the hospital without a fuss. He wants to fight in the rumble for Johnny. He says, “We gotta win that fight tonight… We gotta get even with the Socs.  For Johnny.” (pg. 125) This shows that he wants to fight back for Johnny. Because he breaks out of the hospital to beat the Socs for Johnny, he shows that he is tough.Being tough is a good and bad quality. Some people who are tough show a lot of other traits too; they show courage, confidence, and loyalty to those whom they like, but sometimes they can be insensitive, harsh, controlling, and strong. Without tough people, we wouldn’t be who we are today. Tough people in the past have changed the way we look at things. Some examples of tough people are Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr., Alice Paul, and Susan B. Anthony. Tough people aren’t people who sit around waiting for others to make changes; they do the work. They fight for what they believe in. Dally is tough in The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton. He is tough when he helps Ponyboy and Johnny out of the murder issue, tough when he lives with his unsupportive family, and tough when he wants out of the hospital to go to the rumble for Johnny. I am tough like Dally in good ways and bad ways. I like to stand up for what I believe in; I am confident, but not overconfident. Sometimes I can be unconfident, but I don’t want to be. I don’t let people get to me. I don’t like to be sensitive in front of people. I am strong in non-physical ways. I like to have things my way, and sometimes I don’t think twice which is really bad and is something I’m going to change. I'm like Dally because I don’t let people get in my head, and I never will.

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