We made a poster of a word that we thought descibes the book. Then we looked through the book to find appropriate quotes that relate to the word we chose. Then we'd answer the following questions:
-Why is this the most important word to you?
-How does it relate to Anne Frank?
-How does this word fit into your future? Is it a theme that is valuable to have? A theme that should be abolished? Why? What are the consequences of adopting this theme or abolishing it?
It was difficult to find the appropriate quotes for the word 'strength'. It was difficult for me to keep paper and such organized. It was fun and easy to decorate the page with pictures and colors. I also thought it was easy to speak my mind on this word. I think that I could improve on organization and anotations by keeping detailed notes and a folder for a project. Reading this book and working in other classes has helped me develope note taking skills so next time it will be much easier.

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