This page documents all of my work from most recent documents and projects to the oldest. Feel free to leave comments! The 8th Grade Metaphor, Glogster, Sonnet, Ode, 3P Goals, Lord of the Flies Essay, In came..., and the Dickens Project along with a response will be posted on this page.

To Kill A Mockingbird Project

The theme I chose for my project is Gender Bias. I love to look at the big picture, and obviously the main lesson is racism, but I also enjoy looking in between the lines. And because I'm all for gender equality, I thought that I might look at the descrete hints of sexism there were in our readings. I think that the creativity that went into the project was really cool and interesting. I loved being artistic and playing around with crazy wicked ideas. I think that next time I do a project like this, I want to be able to naturally, without thinking about it, use varied sentence types.

Summer Was...

Rain is coming; I watch it fall. Rain is beautiful to me: it is a calming sound on the windowsill, or sparkles in the clouds; Rain is generously giving smiles; it is an unforgettable time; and most of all, rain is here and now.

Dickens Project Evaluation

                My brother and I decided to do the Dickens Project that was assigned together. We had a lot of fun writing it. The story was based on a college dropout in the 1960’s who was drafted for the Vietnam War. I felt like the topic was a very good, thoughtful, and interesting one. When we started writing, we didn't expect to get the outcome of the story that we ended up getting. I believe that the words that I wrote were very smooth and well thought. I had a difficult time at points staying completely original; my brother helped me with that. I think that Alex and I made a great team and I can’t wait until I get another opportunity to do something like that again. If I were to do it again, I wouldn’t change a thing.

In Came... Evaluation

    This project was a lot of fun. I loved making the scenario of a pub and describing the characters that were there. I had a difficult time starting the assignment but as time passed, it became much easier. I felt like I had a dificult time coming up with the characters but when I did, I described them well. I learned that books can have discrete but amazing writing techniques.

In Came...

In came an alcoholic with a bottle of stolen wine, and walked slowly and unsteadily to an open seat. In came Mrs. Coleer, one hand in her pocket and the other one smoking a cigarette.
In came three strapping men, handsome and lively.
In came six young women whom searched for a love.
In came all the young women and men whose lives needed a break.
 In came a cupcake baker, with her lover, the unaccomplished architect.
 In came the mischievous underage boy, who was suspected, but wore a cloak to hide his youth.
In they all came, one after another,
some angrily,
 some noisily,
some carelessly,
 some drunkenly,
some adoring,
 some loving;
in they all came, anyhow and every how.

Lord of the Flies Essay

            In the beginning of the book, we figured out that we are civilized, but deep down, we are savage. That savage in us can tire us out and make us uncivilized, but we have to fight that. Boys like Jack let the savage in him take over while Ralph, Piggy, and Simon fought the demon. They should have fought the savage together, not split up because of opinion of power. For instance, when Ralph told everyone Piggy’s nickname, Piggy got upset, but didn’t leave. Jack decided that if he didn’t get power like he wanted, he’d turn on everyone, leave and not come back. Everyone was on the same team until Jack took his men hunting and missed the boat that sailed by.  Jack and his group were doing their chant {“kill the beast, cut his throat, spill his blood” (pg. 152)} repeatedly before they killed Simon, and even if they thought Simon was the beast, they were reckless and careless and their chant was frightening.

            I think that William Golding wanted us to see what we can eventually be like if we don’t work together. In a sense, our world is already uncivilized. Kids think that they can get away with bullying but they can’t. Adults think they can scream at employees for no reason but they shan’t.  The book is a more affected world but just because we’re doing okay doesn’t mean we will. We must keep fighting to stay civilized or our world is doomed and all evils will find their ways to shatter us to smithereens. I think that the author intended Piggy to be the role model for everyone who read the book. For example, Piggy stuck up for himself and Ralph numerous times. When people finally figured out what to do after Piggy said it lots of times he said {“That’s what I said! I said about our meetings and things and then you said shut up –“(pg. 43.)} The author wanted people to understand the risks Piggy took to make it without being bullied to death (literally).


    Winter Term Goals
    My first goal, ‘to work on my tone in discussions’ has changed a lot. I think that I am more open and agreeable with people’s ideas. I compromise my ideas with theirs rather than trample over them with mine. My second goal, ‘to stop hogging discussions’ has changed so much because now I’ve learned and accepted that people have good ideas and good reason to have their ideas. I started listening more this term and it really changed the way I see things. My third goal, ‘to increase my vocabulary in writing’ has increased most of all. I believe that I’ve put a lot of thought into each sentence that I write, and not just in English, but in Spanish, History, Science, and even Math. 


Alice and Wonderland
By Alyssa Newman

Alice follows white rabbit down a hole
She flips and flops and does a funny twirl
She falls atop a bed and does a roll
 She eats a cake and becomes a big girl

 Cling, the hatter walks across the table
 You must know that you are terribly late
 Throwing plates proves the rabbit unstable
 Dormouse, March Hare, and the Hatter await

They fidget and fight, Tweedledee and Dum. 
 Habits attract attention of Red Queen
Laughing so hard, she falls on her big bum
Freedom with the key, found by Um, how keen

Jabberwocky and his head parting ways
The proposal declined, at home she stays


    Glogster is a website where we can present our poems. This year, I decided to present a poem called 'An Ode to A Soldier'. This poem has a lot of meaning and reason and I thought that it would be nice in a Glogster where I got to decorate and talk about writing this poem. I enjoyed having the opportunity and privilege to write on this topic.

Eighth Grade is a Maze

 Eighth Grade is a Maze. There is one start, but one thousand finishes. You go in alone. The Paths are teachers and parents guidance. Turns are options. Dead ends are challenges. When you have conquered the maze and come out satisfied, you will see who has chosen a similar path. Those are your friends. They will accompany you along the path that high school brings.